Ideas Alive

The following blog posts are from students in Introduction to Innovation to Entrepreneurship at Muhlenberg College. This is our laboratory space where we play with ideas. If you have arrived at our site as a visitor please feel free to look around and comment.

Playa Bowls

Moving more towards a local success, we have Playa Bowls, a dream founded by two teens originating from the Jersey Shore, named Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor. This restaurant, or more so, a pop up stand, became a movement in

Reoccurring clients?

In industries there are revenue models which are a key component of the business model and identifies how the company will earn income and make profits. There are products that fall under this category such as razors. The unique thing


In the city farming industry, things can get expensive fast. There are multiple inputs needed for farming, and some that are a recurring payment throughout the whole process, such as lighting or water. Not to mention that the physical space

Print on Demand

Aside from traditional publishing and self-publishing,  there is also print on demand publishing.  Print-on-demand publishing exists in the middle ground between self-publishing, or online publishing.  Instead of being vetted by a traditional publisher, or taking on costly printing expenses, or

Smart Glass

Before discussing anything, I am going to present a really long quote from this link that talks about smart glass. I am presenting this because I am not an expert in the way this operates, so might as well let

Electroneum’s Push

Week by week, Ellis seems to be striving to make advancements for Electroneum and those who are invested in it.  He has taken the time to fly (personally) all across the world, specifically Asia where the talk of crypto regulation