Creating Risk-Heavy Environmentally Conscious Trends

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The following blog posts are from students in Introduction to Innovation to Entrepreneurship at Muhlenberg College. This is our laboratory space where we play with ideas. If you have arrived at our site as a visitor please feel free to look around and comment.

Nobu Matsuhisa

“Nobu attributes his success today to learning from failure after failure. He believes in going slow and steady and dealing with challenges head-on. As he learned in Peru, ingredients can be changed to make something brand new. But one ingredient

The Big Five

Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon&Schuster, and Macmillan.  These are the last big American publishing companies; they have bought out, swallowed, and absorbed thousands of independent publishers that now make up imprints (such as Doubleday is to Penguin Random House).


Do you know that feeling when you either can not find your keys or you are fumbling around to get them out? If you answered yes to this question, this first product that I am going to look at is

Bitcoin Bounce Back

Last week the crypto market took a heavy hit.  As the general market crashed and the Dow Jones dropped 700 points, the crypto market simultaneously had a crash much like our market, yet they were not related.  Bitcoin was staying