Ideas Alive

The following blog posts are from students in Introduction to Innovation to Entrepreneurship at Muhlenberg College. This is our laboratory space where we play with ideas. If you have arrived at our site as a visitor please feel free to look around and comment.


One of the greatest lessons that can be learned from a very famous, yet still on the rise chef. His name is Nusret Gökçe of the restaurant Nusr-et. He started this restaurant in Turkey and succeeded phenomenally so opened his


I have talked somewhat generally about self-publishing in a previous post, but I believe it is important to get more specific information on this topic. Self-publishing is the most accessible form of publishing for writers.  Traditional forms of publishing occur

Electroneum Partnership

As the market stands, it seems that we have plateau’d only slightly in the cryptocurrency market also.  Bitcoin seems to stand at steady price right around $8,000, but that does not mean that other players within the market can not

New ways to farm

Traditional farming requires a number of components, from the soil, to the seeds and the water, farming can become expensive quickly. The new wave of urban farming aims to minimize the resources needed for farming, in order to produce higher

Pick 6ix

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake has talked about opening a restaurant since a few years back and finally found out who he wanted to work with to do this. Drake paired up with one of his friends Nessel