Ideas Alive

The following blog posts are from students in Introduction to Innovation to Entrepreneurship at Muhlenberg College. This is our laboratory space where we play with ideas. If you have arrived at our site as a visitor please feel free to look around and comment.

Digital Identity

In “Blogging to Establish Your Digital Identity,” the author describes the usefulness of blogging in finding work after graduation and improving your writing skills. The article also details how writing a blog is an effective and somewhat easy way to


SOAK   If you read my first post, then you understand why I was so happy to stumble across Allbirds! Similarly to my problem the founders of SOAK shoe company found that the morning and end of the day commute

Going Viral

To make any kind of income off of Internet content, it’s most beneficial for creators to get a project/video/blog/etc. to go viral.  The more people that see it, the bigger your audience, the bigger your consumer base–whatever you want to


The two free writes and googling myself revealed a lot about my digital presence, outward appearance, and future goals. The first free write made me think about what my current digital and professional profile looks like to others, which I