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It is a pleasure to welcome you back on my blog and feel free to leave a comment about what you think. Today I just want to talk about the collection of used bottles and cans, and how to take advantage of the local recycling companies to gain some money.

Recycling involves re-using many unwanted and used items such as phones, newspapers, cardboards, phones, and more. However, I will mainly concentrate on the recycling of used bottles and cans. Just to brief what I discussed last time, I shared how important recycling is to our environment because of each day, there are a lot of resources that are wasted, which could have been re-used. Recycling machines have been introduced to help conserve the environment. For example, Recycle Away Systems and Solutions produces self-recycling machines such as the Spectrum Two-Stream Double Ellipse Recycling Station to help reduce the wastage of resources.

As mentioned above, the spectrum Two Stream Double Ellipse costs $514. My question is; are those self-recycling machines affordable by anyone? I would say that many people would not prefer to purchase such expensive recycling machines and would instead choose to go for cheaper options; which include buying simple trash cans and wait for a trash collection company to take their trash. Let us suppose that a person buys a recycling machine and places it in his backyard. What will he do with all that he recycled? It probably would be easier for him if he was a farmer to mix that with the manure he has. But what if he does not have any plants or crops and wants to get rid of used bottles and cans? I believe that it is better for him to collect those used and unwanted bottles and cans and take them to a nearby recycling company.

Many recycling companies operate in a way that they welcome people who would like to sell their unwanted aluminum cans and bottles. Some businesses pay customers a certain amount per can or pound received depending on how the local recycling company works. A good example; is this Well Kept Wallet’s article which shows people how to make money by recycling aluminum cans. One of the ways that I really found interesting is their advice on how you can collect as many cans as possible including asking family, neighbors, and friends if they have unwanted cans that you can take away from them. I would say that a lot of people will be afraid of asking their friends and neighbors for used and unwanted bottles and cans, but I believe that once you are broke and are determined to recycle for money, you can simply do it even though some people might make fun of you out of it. I guess that a lot of people surely do not collect cans just because they are not encouraged to do so or because they do not think that taking their used bottles and cans to the recyclers will bring enough money. I believe that once you do that more often, a cent added on other cents make dollars. For example, I would advise parents to encourage their children to collect cans and bottles as a fun activity which will help them recycle and get the few cents that add together to make what can buy an ice cream or candy. This is also a great opportunity for recycling business to succeed in both conserving the environment and also saving in the production of more bottled and canned products.

Make a collection of your used bottles and cans.

Furthermore, also published an article that included ways to turn cans into cash. In the article, they give an example of how in California and Michigan, each used can is purchased at $0.10 and they say that it is really worth the effort of trying to collect and selling the cans you no longer need. In the same article, MoneyPantry discussed that “Recycling for money is a big business. Companies in the aluminum industry have reported that they actually pay upwards of $800 million for recycled cans annually according to Earth911.” (Money Pantry, March 2017). I guess that is not a small amount of money!

A big number of families and individuals consume a lot of bottles and canned products such as mineral waters, and sodas. I strongly believe that after use, if they would remember to not trash those and make a collection of them, they would save money without having to invest in anything. I also believe that this is a way to encourage people to recycle not just to gain money, but also to put our environment into consideration.

Next time, I will share what I think about what would happen if people were interested in collecting the used bottles and cans but live in a place where there are no nearby recycling companies? What could those people do with all the used and unwanted bottles and cans sitting at home? How can they make money and get a benefit from recycling? How can new business be put in place to solve such issue? I will also discuss what I think about the idea of bottle bills, which is a way some States require a certain amount to be given to people who deposited used containers, which highly encourages people to recycle and sustain our environment.

Please leave a comment below and we will reply and get connected more. Stay Tuned for more innovative ideas ahead.

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 Collect, Take Unwanted, and Receive Wanted :)

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