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In my last post I discussed existing practices of colleges and universities to engage in interactive education tools to teach topics such as personality types, alcohol use and abuse, and sometimes even sexual assault. While it is great that schools subscribe to these services, how much good can it do if the education is incomplete?

For this post, I attempted to research interactive education programs for institutions of higher education that specifically teach consent. The results were abysmal.

One possible interactive program was offered by Everfi. This company offers a wide range of educational packages and courses for all ages and areas of interest for large corporations. Everfi does offer a Sexual Assault Prevention program, but it is incomplete when it comes to teaching consent.

I know about its insufficient information through first hand experience. As an incoming freshman attending Muhlenberg, I was required to complete this exact program. The program was definitely on the right track, but experiences and learning opportunities I’ve had after taking the course have shown me where there is room for improvement.

Another program I was able to find seemed to have a better grasp on what was needed in a sexual assault prevention program. Not Anymore is a program that was developed by Student Success. The program does not serve as a stand alone consent education platform, but it does integrate many of the topics that need to be addressed in relation to sexual assault. In my opinion, Not Anymore would be the best program currently available for teaching this topic to students.

However, this still leaves a lack of consent education interactive programs that are available for colleges and universities. This is unfortunate for the status of education and awareness on college campuses, but it presents a unique business opportunity.

The need for a consent only education program is evident from the frightening number of students who think a head nod, kissing, or engaging in foreplay is consent. Newsflash: it’s not.

Programs such as Everfi’s Alcohol EDU equip students with the facts and insights they need to make informed decisions. An interactive online consent education program can do the same if it were available to colleges. Knowing what consent is and is not is valuable information that virtually every institution should be willing to give their students, especially if it helps make their campus safer for all students.

If colleges and universities are already willing to pay for interactive alcohol education and personality identifier tests, why wouldn’t they pay for an effective program that addresses one of the biggest problems plaguing campuses?

The market for a consent education program is open, and there doesn’t seem to be many, if any, competitors. A basis for consent education programs can be developed into a product to be sold to universities or into a blueprint to be sold to existing interactive education companies, such as Everfi and Student Success. In either route, there will be a spread of consent education that benefits students, colleges, and the greater society.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted and is seeking help, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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 Looking For a Non-Existent Needle in a Hay Stack

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